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Sarum Bee Supplies Wiltshire worker bees
Sarum Bee Supplies Wiltshire

Locally reared and open mated in our mating apiary that we flood with our choosen Drone lines.

These Queens are from our own stocks and are generally prolific and with a relatively low swarming index, generally docile but being open mated that cannot be guaranteed. (Queens marked and clipped unless specified)

£38.00 collected and £43.00 posted
Sarum Bee Supplies Wiltshire

Nuclei will be available during the season but by order only.

These Nuclei will be five frames of bees, three-four frames of brood and one frame of food/pollen on recent Hoffman frames, Nuc’s will be strong and ready to be moved into a full sized hive ready to expand into a full colony.

NOTE: A small deposit of £20.00 will be required for Nuclei and ALL Nuclei are collection only, please ring or email for availability and for any further details of both queens and Nucs.

Online deposits and orders can be placed on
Sarum Bee Supplies Wiltshire
'J' Shaped Hive Tool

Heavy Duty
Stainless steel


Sarum Bee Supplies Wiltshire
Scraper Hive Tool

Heavy Duty
Stainless steel



Sarum Bee Supplies Wiltshire